Saturday, July 15, 2017

One year ago...

Wow.  What a year.  It's been exactly one year ago today that I heard the words "You have Cancer.".  MAN WAS I EVER PISSED!  I remember thinking to the hell can she (she being my OB-GYN) know I have Cancer from just an ultrasound?!?  She should be more careful about just throwing that word around.....  I promptly got on the phone and called my Primary Care Physician because she had pulled me thru my relationship crap and I had gotten quite close to her.

To my dismay I learned that ultrasounds have come quite a long way since my Mom was diagnosed and, yes, in fact you CAN tell if a mass is Cancer.


I absolutely did NOT know what to do.  I remember just looking up to the sky and screaming "REALLY?!?!".

Fast forward to today.  This happened this morning....


And the grand finale for extra credit....I did this!  In purple spandex!  WOO HOO!!!  

 I then went to visit my tie dye dude at the flea market to tell him I survived!  He was estatic.  I have 3 new tie dye shirts.  I also ran into an agility friend at Sassool by coincidence so we had lunch together!  She knew my parents so it was no coincidence that I happened to run in to her TODAY.
I could have shriveled up in to a dark corner and just given up on life last year.  I sure had PLENTY to kick me down....but instead I choose life!  And I.... 

Bertha, you are not welcome here anymore.  

Always forward, never back,
CEO of Save My Ass Technologies, Inc.

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