Sunday, March 19, 2017

It's GREAT to be alive! (And still driving....)

It feels SOOOOOO good to feel like myself again!  Holy smokes!  I went on a little trip this past weekend to celebrate my birthday AND the fact that Bertha is GONE!  We walked a LOT, and my body did not let me down!  WOO HOO!  

Had one little incident on the way home.  I was supposed to take the ferry from Hatteras to Okracoke then to Swan Quarter but it was too windy.  Ferries cancelled.  WHAT?!?  How do I get home?  Had to drive up the coast a bit then they told me to look for a KFC/Taco Bell, then turn left to go inland....  About 10 minutes into the trip I look behind me and there are blue lights.  Oh shit.  This lady Sheriff comes up to me and says I was going 40 in a 25 MPH zone.  Oh Shit.  She takes my license and registration and goes back to her car.  A couple minutes later she walks back to me and says "Ma'am, your license expired 2 days ago.  Do you have any relatives in the area?  I can't let you drive."  
I explained my situation to her....about my last 9 months being a blurrrrr....and that I probably got a reminder about my license but I was too focused on surviving to notice.  And then I was in a tizzy when I learned that I couldn't take the ferry and I didn't notice that it was 25MPH and I was just trying to get home......and....and....and (....all 4 dogs are being total angels, even Keeper.  They were just sitting still.  I think they had their paws crossed.)

She responded with "Let me go call my supervisor."

She walked back a couple minutes later with a ticket for the expired license and explained.... "I'm not going to give you a ticket for the speeding.  Here's a ticket for the expired license but if you call the Clerk's office once you renew your license, they will take care of this for you.  Now, I can't legally watch you drive because you have an expired license, but if you go park and wait for me to leave, I will never know if you got back on the highway and drove yourself home.  Do you need help with directions?".

Angels.  They are always there when I need them.  You know, if she hadn't pulled me over, who knows when I would have realized that my license expired.  I did renew it ONLINE while I was all is good in the world again.  

Always forward, never back,

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