Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Next Steps

My battle has not ended.  Follicular Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (I'm Stage 3A, Grade 2) is not curable.  It's easy to treat but chances of re-occurrence are high.  It will probably come back.  Not sure when.  Not sure where.  AAAAAND, there is always the chance of a miracle!   Dr. Kritz was VERY impressed with how well I've done so far...so anything can happen. 

I'm trying really hard not to think of the future and just focus on living in the moment.  I used to do that pretty good, but now I'm going to become an expert!  

My next steps are to do maintenance Rituxan for 2 years.  Every 2 months I'll get to go see my favorite nurses, spend a couple hours getting an infusion, then boogie on outta there to seize what's left of the day.  I'll keep seeing Dr. Kritz, and he'll keep monitoring me.  I'll probably get another scan of some sort in 6 months or so, just to make sure there are no Bertha-wannabee's starting to form.  

There are things that I can do to help make treatments more effective, like eating healthy and exercising.  I've also got to keep my stress levels to a bare minimum.  These things aren't really that different from before I had Cancer...but now I have a little more motivation to make them a priority. 

First maintenance treatment is this coming Friday @ 10A.  Hoping for no side effects!  And it will be good to see my nurses again!

Always forward, never back,

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