Friday, December 16, 2016

Chemo #5 is DONE! BOOM!

Chemo #5 went off without a hitch!  YEE HA!  I have no doubt in my mind that things went so well for 3 reasons:
1.  My Warriors ROCK!  The support is phenomenal!  Wendy brought me to day 2 this time and it was awesome!  ...her biggest stress was having to hold my purse during the weigh-in - LOL!
2.  My Cancer Center is the absolute BEST, from check-in to check-ups to blood draws to chemo infusion!  The smiles, conversations, and super fantastic care is the absolute best.
3.  I know my Mom is watching over me.  Especially this time.  I shared some big hair pictures w/Jennifer (yes, anything goes w/the conversations during chemo!)...who remembers my Mom from her treatment days.  My heart nearly expoded.

Only 1 more to go!  

I have totally, wholeheartedly, absolutely, positively GOT THIS!

Here's some pictures.....
Day 1 - Denise is cranking up the BUH BYE BERTHA mo-jo!
 Chris, Devinder, and Mardie double-checking my RITUXIN - Bertha HATES this drug!
 The process we go thru to make sure I'm getting the right drug.  
The superior quality is SOOO appreciated!
Check out those super cool Snoopy Christmas socks!  YES!

 Wendy and I at Chick Fil A getting ready for Day 2
 The little guy taking our picture told Wendy to move her peace sign down a it sort of looked like she was picking her nose in the previous shots!  LOL!  Oh Wendy, you gotta work on that peace sign!  :)
 Had to coordinate a little for Christmas - SNOOPY SHIRT AND SNOOPY SOCKS!
...I am purposely not mentioning the angel in this picture ;)  
She's got her moment coming in the next post.  

I've totally got this...


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