Monday, December 26, 2016

The word "fatigue" has new meaning

I had hopes of posting something like the 12 days of Living with Cancer but my brain is mush and I have a new respect for the word "fatigue".  I cannot seem to get enough rest these days.  Ugh.  My 12 goes something like this....

12 hours of sleeping.
11 minutes to feed the dogs and myself.
10 minutes to change my sheets.
9 more hours of sleeping.
8 minutes to get the energy to get out of bed.
7 minutes to feed the dogs and me.
6 minutes to respond to messages on my phone.
5 hours of sleeping.
4 hours more because 5 wasn't enough.
3 blinks of an eye and the days seem to be flying by.
2 be Cancer free is what I want to be!
1 bound and determined person that January will be the LAST chemo.  This kind of life absolutely SUCKS!

I've totally got this...


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