Friday, December 30, 2016

This made me laugh!

I was just writing in my journal about how I need to be patient and not worry about how much weight I'm gaining during chemo.  It is what it is and I just need to chill.  Whenever my heart rate elevates right now, it makes me feel I've just been keeping it steady.  I don't do my 30 flights of stairs anymore at work....I just walk down the 15 flights + walk back up 3.  That'll have to do for now.  

I was feeling a little down about it all when I look on facebook and saw this!
OK!  OK!  *THIS* is funny!  *THIS* is exactly how I feel right now!  

I'll get my endurance back next year.  I *WILL* be able to keep up with my little speed demons on the agility field.  But for now, I just need to take it easy on myself, keep my spirits high and positive, and laugh as much as possible.

I've totally got this...


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