Thursday, November 17, 2016

Chemo #4 DONE!

Woo hoo!  Chemo #4 is DONE!  BOOM!  It went smooth as silk today, so I can now say I'm 67% done!  Whew!

One of my Warriors (and agility friend) brought me today - Diane.  The nurses LOVED her!  I think we convinced my nurse, Denise, to come watch an AKC trial in December with her daughter.  YAY!

I had a new nurse today, Denise.  I've seen her every visit but she's never been my nurse.  SHE ROCKED IT!  She knew my routine and was super professional.  It could not have gone any smoother.  I am wholeheartedly convinced that these drugs work so well because they are so professionally handled by my Cancer Center.  THEY ARE AWESOME!

Things I've learned since starting this journey:

1.  50 minutes before chemo is the perfect time to apply the lidocaine creme on my port.  I feel, literally, NOTHING when they stick me.  YES!
2.  A combo of Senecot-S and MiraLAX keep my plumbing going after the steroids.  YAY!
3. Chewable Gas-X is better than the tablets and is really helping to calm my active guts.  WHEW!
4.  I'm just going to gain weight with every chemo.  Nothing I can do about it.  At least today it was 3 pounds vs. the usual 4, but more will probably appear tomorrow.  I'll just go with the flow and wear those stairs at work OUT once I'm done with treatments!
5.  Laughing is the absolute BEST medicine in the world.  No doubt about it.  My Chemo College nurse, Kelly, stopped by today and the 3 of us were in hysterics!  It felt SUPER FANTASTIC!  And I know that chemo is better able to do it's job because it arrived in a happy home!  :)

Here's a couple pictures:
Diane looks SO SERIOUS!  
She's showing Denise an agility video of Chase (who was in the van outside).

 Buh Bye Bertha!
 I've totally got this...


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