Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Chemo #4 is a GO!

Met w/Dr. Kritz and Jessica today.  I got a "GO" for Chemo #4.  My liver counts are high but I need the chemo so we're going to do it.  I'm going to stop one of my antibiotics...and we might make other adjustments later...depending on how the ol' liver behaves.

I was honest with Dr. Kritz and Jessica about my reaction to "partial response".  "It's either responding or it's not, what the hell does 'partial response' mean"...I think is what I expressed.  As usual, Dr. Kritz put my mind at ease so I'm feeling better now.  :)  

He said he could have treated me much more aggressively and Bertha would have been completely gone by now...but that would have severely impacted my day2day life.  I would have lost my hair. I would have felt so bad I would have been bed ridden.  Odds would have been good that I would catch a potentially life-threatening virus from the outside world. And all sorts of other things.  All bad.  With the treatment that he's giving me, Bertha WILL go away.  It's just going to take at least 6 treatments to get her there.  And maybe some radiation.  But in the meantime, I will be able to enjoy life - run/hike with my dogs, work in my yard, have fun with my Warriors, and still go to my super fantastic job.  

Ok.  I get it.  Patience.  I must be patient.  Ok.  Ok. OK!

And, statistically, Bertha is about half the size that she was!  Here are the actual dimensions:

Originally on 7/15/16:  12.3 X 5.4 X 15cm
Today, 11/15/16:            7.3 X 2.1 X 8.6cm (new model coming soon!)

Chris saw us in the lobby.  She came out and showed us a picture of the nurses at Halloween.  Guess what they dressed as????  HIPPIES!  They ALL had tie dye shirts!  She said they were channeling my spirit!  :)  

It's impossible to be grumpy with all the support I'm getting!

Ok, deep breath.  Chemo #4 here I come!  

I got this from one of my Warriors in Chicago...perfect:
I've totally got this...


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