Thursday, November 10, 2016

CT Scan Done - but there were side effects :(

My CT Scan is over and the people at Raleigh Radiology could not have been more super fantastic!  WOW!  I wore one of my "Buh Bye Bertha" t-shirts and they LOVED it!  See below for the card they gave me as I left.

For the very first CT Scan I ever had years ago, my stomach did NOT like the contrast.  This time the same thing happened.  It kicked me in the butt BIG TIME.  This morning I am finally feeling human again.  Blek!  It was worth it to know how big Bertha is now, so I'm not complaining.  Just looking forward to Tuesday when I meet w/Dr. Kritz to get the results!

This was NOT my friend this time....but that's ok, it did the job.
 Had to drink TWO of these.
 Buh Bye Bertha!!
 On my way to the scan.  Had to drink #2 on the road...
 The Raleigh Radiology ladies ROCKED!  They LOVED my shirt and even let me hold my HOPE heart during the scan.  They said "BYE BYE BERTHA" as they started the scan :)
I held this the entire time!!

I've totally got this...


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