Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Professor McGonagall - Jessica

I haven't posted a picture of Jessica yet.  She's Dr. Kritz's assistant.  SHE ROCKS!  She's very down to earth and always has some sort of super fantastic story to tell every time I see her.  Today she had spilled coffee ALL over herself.  Not just on her boots.  Or just her skirt.  No.  It was everywhere.  GO BIG OR GO HOME!

I told her that I thought of her as my Hagrid (from Harry Potter).  She was TOTALLY offended..even though I meant it as a compliment.  Hagrid is the one Harry/Hermoine/Ron go to for comfort.  They totally trust him and he always has super fantastic animals.  To me, he's the warm fuzzy security blanket.  Well, come to find out, Jessica is a cat person.  A CRAZY cat person.  And she wants to be my Professor McGonagall.  OK!  FINE CAT LADY!  McGonagall you are.  And she is cool now that I think about it!  She always listens, watches out for the students and she ROCKS a Witch hat!  Ok, I can see it now.

Here she is...
She asked me "Well, who's Kritz?"  
"Dumbledore, of course."
She responds "ACK!  NOT FAIR!"  

I've totally got this...


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