Thursday, November 10, 2016

CT Scan Results are in: Partial Response

Cancer center called this morning with the results of the CT scan.  Bertha has had a "partial response" to chemo.  Dr. Kritz is pleased with the results so we will continue treatments.

I am VERY happy that she's responding....but will be honest....I was hoping for "total response" so am a little downhearted.  Guess she's gonna be stubborn.  Ok.  Fine.

I will need to fight harder!  

I've totally got this...



Marjie Danckert said...

I know that this wasn't the news you wanted but I know that you are prepared for full battle. Bertha is not so big anymore and she will be gone soon.

Kacey said...

I am glad there was at least a partial response to the chemotherapy. I know you wanted a total response, but maybe that will be the results of your next CT scan. It is good to hear that you are going to fight harder and refuse to give up. You are showing wonderful spirit and you can definitely win this battle.