Sunday, November 6, 2016

CT Scan is Tuesday!

The moment is finally here!  CT Scan time!  WOO HOO!!  I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to see how Big Bertha is responding to chemo!  I made a model of her so I can compare the new results to how big she *WAS*: 

I know she's smaller now.  Dr. Kritz couldn't feel her during my last appointment plus my guts have been VERY MOBILE!  BLEK!  I can feel things moving around in my stomach BIG TIME.  I look down sometimes and see things rippling under my skin.  Yes it's totally gross and it makes me feel blekky, BUT, I'm taking it as a sign that there is more room in my belly now that Big Bertha ain't big no more!  BOOM!

To all my Warriors:  Please send me good thoughts on Tuesday!  


I've totally got this...