Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day #1 of 2 for Chemo #4 is DONE!

Survived day 1 of Chemo #4.  It was a little harder, but doable.

Nancy was my nurse.  She was a nurse at the Cancer Center when my Mom had NHL and she remembers us well.  VERY thorough in her evaluation of a few tips to help the next few days go smoother.  Also stopped at Publix to pick up Rx's and saw my favorite Pharmacist, Caroline.  She gave me some tips hopefully side effects will be more manageable this time around.  (She's also due in 10 days!  GOOD LUCK CAROLINE!)

Here's some pictures...
New super-fantastic-mo-jo socks from a special Warrior:
 New Peace Sign earrings from my Steady-As-A-Rock-Always-There Warriors, Kileen and Dee:
 Nancy crankin' up the Rituxan!

 This is the drug Big Bertha HATES the most! Rituxan!  BUH BYE BERTHA!
I've totally got this...


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