Sunday, June 25, 2017

Amazing moment

Green juice is impacting more than just my innerds.  

Last Friday after my haircut, I decided to reward myself with a green juice....and I also had to pee really bad (this is important....keep reading and you'll see why).  I stopped at my new favorite place, JuiceKeys, placed my order, then headed for the bathroom.  Come to find out, the place has an absolutely PHENOMENAL atmosphere once you leave the front area!  WOW!  It's very peaceful and you just feel better by being in the middle of it.  I, literally, said "WOW!" out loud as soon as I looked around.  And as I was just gazing at one super fantastic thing after another, a few of the ladies that were sitting at the tables said "Yea, first time here?  It's wonderful!".

Once I took care of business, I was heading back to the front to pick up my order when a couple of the ladies talked to me again....and this time they said "are you getting your order to go or can you join us for a bit?"  It took me 0.003 seconds to decide to stay!

I had to say "WOW!" out loud again before I left because I hit it off with these ladies immediately.  We talked for over an hour like we had been friends for years.  A lady at another table is the one who took our pictures and even she said "I just love how you all are making new friends!"  LOL!  

A lot of really good things are happening to me right now in my fight to keep Bertha from growing again.  My heart is completely open and ready to receive absolutely *EVERYTHING* that this life has to offer.  

Bertha, you are not welcome here anymore.  

Always forward, never back,
CEO of Save My Ass Technologies, Inc.     

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