Saturday, June 17, 2017

It's been a while....

Hi!  It's been a month and a half since I last added a post.  I will be very transparent about this...I just wanted to...for a little while...forget that I have Cancer.  Plain and simple.  I have been making some very positive changes in my life and have achieved some pretty significant milestones (which I'll share)....but for just a little while, I needed to take a break from journaling and blogging.  I needed to adjust the direction of my sails and it took a little bit to figure out which direction I needed to go.  

I am part of a private facebook group for those of us who have follicular NHL.  It is phenomenal.  We all share our thoughts, fears, victories, treatment schedules, scanxiety, and whatever else is in our hearts.  And there is ALWAYS a lot of folks out there, from around the world, who will post actual responses.  

There have been a few posts that hit me right in the heart.  One in particular talked about "radical remission".  It said that all Cancer patients should have the following:

1.  Changing your diet
2.  Taking control of your health
3.  Following your intuition
4.  Using herbs and supplements
5.  Releasing suppressed emotions
6.  Increasing positive emotions
7.  Embracing social support
8.  Deepening your spiritual connection
9.  Having strong reasons for living.

Then as a response to this, someone else posted:
10.  If you can't see the sunshine, be the sunshine.

I have been focusing on ALL of these....and it's working.  I have a type of Cancer that cannot be cured....I get that and totally accept that....but it sure as hell can be controlled.  And that's exactly what I plan to do!

Always forward, never back,

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