Saturday, June 17, 2017

The week I nearly forgot about Cancer

A very significant milestone happened in May.  After nearly 18 years, I *FINALLY* got floors installed upstairs!  WOO HOO!  Then I got the most gigantic mattress possible!  BOOM!  My bedroom and loft now look absolutely amazing.  It is definitely my happy place. celebrate this huge accomplishment, I thought it was time to open the doors of TD (The Dream) to my friends and family.  I sort of overdosed in one week, but it was awesome because I was so busy having people over or going to meet friends and having fun that I nearly forgot that I have Cancer.  I mean, I make sure I thank Saint Michael of the Saints every single night...but other than that, it was not something that was taking up most of my brain space for an entire week!  YES!

Tuesday:  Ladies from work since one of my best Warriors was in town from Georgia.
Wednesday:  Prince night at Maymandi w/another super fantastic Warrior.
Friday:  80's night w/fellow dog trainers and now have 2 new friends!
Saturday:  My youngest Warrior and her mom (my nieces' bff) drove 2+ hrs to visit
Sunday:  Food truck rodeo w/Bailey's fiancé's family


Wednesday - Prince would have been 59!

My old rollers still got it!!!
 And so does my hair!  

Saturday....OMGosh SO MUCH CUTENESS!!

Grand Finale - Sunday Food Truck Rodeo!
...ok, so I don't have this whole eating lettuce thing down yet....sometimes it flies EVERYWHERE!

What a Motley Crew!!!

This is my future outlaw and I....Josh's mom.  What a hoot!

So, yea.  This all actually happened.  It was a SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS week!  Going back to the list of 10 things, I'd say this was a good dose of social support and positive emotions, don't you agree!!  YAY!

Always forward, never back,

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