Saturday, June 17, 2017

Summer is off to a SUPER FANTASTIC start!

My kickoff for summer could not have started any better!  My old babysitter (Brenda) and her partner (Colleen) came down from Canada and spent some time with us over Memorial Day.  It was a perfect weekend!
(For those who know Penelope Pitstop, yes, this really happened! And she was the one to choose jumping into Brenda's lap!  WOW!  Dogs just know who the cool people are!)

The aftermath of a super fantastic conversation on my porch.  Bertha most definitely did not like all the laughing that went on during this moment. :)

 Charlie Kabob's in Wake Forest....YUM!  He gave us all a free dessert!

 Josh storytelling in the parking lot of Publix....

 Yes, I'm the one drinking water!  (WOW!  Whodathunkit?!)
Always forward, never back,

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