Saturday, June 17, 2017

What's next?

Next on the agenda is my physical health.  I've gotten back to doing 15 flights of stairs, but I need to do more.  I need to be ready to do agility in the fall.  Chemo really kicked my butt and my brain, so my next hurdle is to get groove back....and it started on 80's night with the ladies.  Just when I needed it the most, an Angel appears to show me the way.  

One of the gang that went to 80's night is a dog mom named Sandra.  I knew her previously but we had never hung out.  Now we have and she's already changing my life.

First, she gave me this super cool Norwex ENVIROCLOTH, a finishing cloth, and some ultra power plus laundry detergent to start using in my home.  She sat with me and explained how to use it and how I can get away from using chemicals in my house!  WOW!  That is definitely a WIN! 

Then she introduced me to the owner of Woofinwaggle.  It is a super cool place that offers fitness classes for you and your dog!  Uh, yea!  COUNT ME IN!  She has purple walls with bubbles, colorful dog paintings, and everything is in pristine condition.  It feels like a place that I will be able to focus on my fitness!  And have BG Squeegie by my side!  YES!  I plan to schedule an initial assessment next week.  Yep.  The next step for this CEO is to get moving!

Sandra gave me a couple other ideas on how to clear my brain of the chemo fog and address the health of my entire body.  We had an absolutely AMAZING conversation in the scorching heat of Friday afternoon.....which was just when I needed it the most....


Always forward, never back,
CEO of Save My Ass Technologies, Inc.      

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