Thursday, October 20, 2016

ABA Shirt #2 of 3 a HUGE success!

The Cancer Center LOVED LOVED LOVED my ABA shirt!  OMGosh!  And the signatures just pushed it over the top!  

The most common question of the day:  "Who do you work for again?"
My response:  "The American Board of Anesthesiology!"
Response:  "You are REALLY fortunate!  They love you!"
My response:  A from-the-deepest-depths-of-my-soul-smile from ear to ear!

WOW!  How can I not feel like Wonder Woman with all this strength on my back!!
 Bailey Monster, my super fantastic caregiver/niece/soulmate/fellow donut lover.
 Marty, volunteer extraordinaire.  She was at the Cancer Center w/my mom we have a lot of history!
 Scheduling nurse.  At first she said "HEY TIE DYE LADY, WHERE'S YOUR TIE DYE?"  But then she TOTALLY GOT IT!!  And yes, she got a little snuggly in this picture...but who am I not to be in sponge-mode for lovin!
 A new nurse, Lindsey!  SHE ROCKED!  
She insisted on us "posing" for this picture.  She's 5 months pregnant so not feeling pretty...until I told her how she was saving my life right now, so BE PROUD!  She looked me in the eye and said "Ok, let's pose!"  LOL!
My treatments would not be complete without my ROCK of a nurse, Chris!  She insisted on hooking up my Bendamustine - the grand finale.  Here she's entertaining me with a story of her State Fair experience!  We laugh a LOT!  A WHOLE LOT!
 When we realized Bailey had been taking our picture without us knowing we were both, like, WAIT!  We have to pose for one!  LOL!  We are two peas in a pod!  I love this girl!
Seriously, how can I not win with this kind of love and support?!?  Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE!  Lindsey even told me that Dr. Kritz wrote in my file that he could not feel Big Bertha AT ALL.  Period.  End of story.  She was SO genuinely happy for warmed my heart beyond belief.  
 Just two friends chatting it up....oh yea....and administering a life saving drug :)  

I've totally got this...



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