Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Inspirations come from everywhere - even from my Postmaster!

I went to the Rolesville Post Office today.  I had a lot to mail so the Postmaster and I started chatting (I know, hard to believe I would start up a conversation!).  



She told me all about her treatments, which were MUCH harder than mine, and we shared how far treatments and ports have come since she fought her battle.  She also struggled with weight GAIN, which made me feel better about mine.  

She made me feel thankful for a lot of things...
1.  How easy my treatments have been so far.  Even w/the 3 days of being a blob, and easily fatigued, and the weight gain and whatever other little inconveniences I consider "side effects".  It's NOTHING compared to what those who have fought the battle before me have endured!  NOTHING.
2.  I will not lose my hair.
3.  My port does not bother me and it doesn't hurt when they poke it for chemo.
4.  Because of my port, my veins will remain intact & not get abused by tons of needle stabs.
5.  My nausea is controllable.
6.  I could not have a better Oncologist.
7.  I will survive.  Absolutely.  Here was a survivor, standing right in front of me, celebrating every day and telling me I TOTALLY GOT THIS!!  

Angels show up in the most unexpected places.  I was touched by one today for sure. 

I've totally got this...


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