Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Lead Warrior, Kileen, pulls off the surprise party of the decade!

Wanna come over for brunch on Saturday?
Great.  What brunch food do you like?
Ok.  See you at 11:30A on Saturday.

Little did I know, my Lead Warrior, Person-Who-Makes-It-Impossible-For-Me-To-Forget-I'm-Loved, planned a little surprise party for me instead of a nice leisurely brunch at her new, fantastically beautiful house.  STINKER!!  Thank GOODNESS I took a shower and did my hair!!!  ;)  

I think these pictures speak for themselves....(by the way....I never realized I smile with, literally, my whole entire body!  WEIRDO!)...

I spent 4 hours laughing with this fabulous bunch of ladies.  It was SOOOO good for my heart and soul!  OMGosh!  

They also gave me a gift certificate so I will not have to clean my house for a while!  WOW!!!

I got this in an IM from another Warrior and it's so perfect to express how I feel....

I wish I had a picture of Von, Kileen's husband.  He drove everybody to and from the Clubhouse so I wouldn't see anybody's cars.  And as you see in the picture, Basia wore a BEAUTIFUL dress just for me!  Awwwwww!!!  I LOVE THOSE MOTLEY's!!!

My heart has so much strength to face this week because of all the love I've been getting!!  WOW!

I've totally got this...


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