Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chemo #2 Here I Come!

My warriors have prepared me for battle tomorrow.  The support I'm getting is absolutely phenomenal.  My heart has never been so happy!  

My chemo bag is full of all the cards that I've gotten (more about the cards in a future post :) ), plus I'm bringing these:

These are AWESOME!

All the way from Barcelona!  WOW!

I will keep repeating this and repeating this and repeating this tomorrow...

I'm bringing a couple of these to snack on.....

These trinkets have LOTS of meaning that will keep me strong!

Plus my foundation...

I have one of these on my right wrist....and know that all my ABA Warriors are wearing one at work too.  Wow.  
IMPOSSIBLE for Bertha to win!

I've totally got this...


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