Friday, September 9, 2016

Respect the Cancer

First real scare is over.  Whew.  The fever was a bit of a challenge to conquer.  It went down, then up, then down, then up.  Got up to 99.9 at one point - that's .6 from the cutoff for ER visit.  And while it was doing this yo yo imitation, I felt like I had the flu.  Yuck.  Tylenol and rest did do the job though so now it's back to normal.

What the hell happened?!?

I had *just* gone to the doctor and learned my counts were cool.  Grrrrrrr....  But now I realize that this is what my life is going to be for a while.  My immune system ain't what is used to be so when something tries to attack my body, I'm gonna feel it.  I need to respond to flu-like symptoms w/immediate Tylenol and start monitoring my temperature.  And then expect my energy level to hit rock bottom.

My new mantra:  Respect the Cancer.  

Definition of Respect:  Understanding something is important, serious, etc. and should be treated in an appropriate way.

Cancer will not beat me but it does need more respect than I've been giving it.  Ok, I get that now.  I must squish my inner energizer bunny for now and take it easy.  

The other thing I now realize more than ever is that the support I'm getting from everybody is WORKING!  This could have gone really bad but it didn't.  And I KNOW, deep down in my soul that it's because I have SOOOOO much support.  NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!  I can feel it.  Thank you my Angels.  And please, please, PLEASE keep up the good work!

I got this at the exact right moment last night from one of my Angels:
(Perfect isn't it!!)

I've totally got this...


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