Monday, September 5, 2016

The Fog Has Lifted

I feel like myself again!  YAY!  Yesterday and today I feel like myself again!  
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My 2 rookie dogs are now official athletes!  Keeper *AND* Phoebe managed to pull off their debut qualifying runs at the agility trial on Sunday.  I think that accomplishment plus being outside in the fresh air and surrounded by so much love helped a TON!

Tomorrow I will get the "official" update on how I'm doing.  Blood draw then appointment with my Oncologist in the morning.  I think that I'm going to ROCK it!  

The support I got at the agility trial confirmed how much strength I get just from people letting me know that I am in their thoughts and prayers.  It does unbelievable things to my heart, literally.  I can feel myself get stronger.  It's absolutely amazing.

So, fingers are crossed for tomorrow....and remember....

I've totally got this...



Dayle said...

I'm a so happy for ran agility with your dogs! I know what a boost that is! No words of wisdom...just sending love and support!

Bubba Wilson said...

Love and support are what's getting me thru this!!! ❤️❤️❤️‼️