Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Must Tame The Inner Energizer Bunny

Got this picture from one of my warriors to remind me to tame my inner Energizer Bunny:

How perfect is that!

It is SOOOOO hard not to seize every moment to it's fullest.  Ugh.  But I'll do whatever I gotta do to get thru this.  Today as I was getting ready to cross Six Forks to go back to work, I was standing with about 6 other people.  BC (Before Cancer) I would have been the first to finish crossing the street.....dynamite in a small package and all that jazz....but instead..... today....I just "strolled".  That is my new thing.  Strolling.  Wow.  They don't warn you about that side effect.  ;)  It's ok though, I'm noticing things I never noticed before, so that's a good thing.  

No more fever spikes and the past few days I have felt good!  YAY!  Next week is chemo #2 so I'm starting to gear up for that.  With every chemo I am just that much closer to victory.

Fisted Hand Sign on Apple iOS 10.0
The support I continue to get is absolutely phenomenal.  Wow!  My Warriors are keeping me going....definitely!  THANK YOU!

I've totally got this...


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