Saturday, September 10, 2016

New Pharmacist

Low energy day, but we (my sister and I) *DID* manage to find a new Pharmacist at the new Publix in Wake Forest.  Her name is Caroline Garvey.  She is awesome and I feel really good about her taking care of my Rx needs.  She actually talked to me about my history, etc. and wrote a bunch of notes.  That hasn't happened at a pharmacy EVER.  She was familiar with my antibiotics and spent time during her schooling at a bone marrow transplant facility and a cancer she gets it.  She even thanked me for filling her in on my history because she said "Now I won't freak out if I get a bunch of whacky prescriptions for you.  I'll get it.".  Wow.  Love it!

I also introduced her to Big Bertha, to which she promptly introduced me to her belly, which is due in November!!  She was my kinda gal.  :)  And she is now one of the Warriors on a mission to ELIMINATE BIG BERTHA!


P.S.  I see what the hype about Publix is all about now.  It was super fantastic.

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