Thursday, September 22, 2016

Most Fun Yet!

We had a blast at Chemo today.  OMGosh.  Chris, my nurse, ROCKS!  You never know what will come out of her mouth....and it can get really confusing with all the "B" words.... Bubba....Bertha....Big... 

Laughter is the BEST medicine, and we sure got a LOT of that today.  

Chemo #2 is completely done.  


The only side effect so far, like last time, is I gained FOUR pounds since yesterday.  WOW!  I think my body holds on to the Rituxan for as long as it can because Big Bertha HATES Rituxan.  I'll go back down to regular weight by the weekend.

Double trouble.

This is Chris' pitiful puppy dog face...she's the PERFECT nurse for me!
Two other patients gave me compliments today...

1.  This little old lady had terrible leg cramps so 2 nurses were helping her walk it out.  Her face was all scrunched up in pain and she was really struggling.  When she turned the corner and saw me she perked up and said "You don't look like a patient!"  Ok, *THAT* made my day!

2.  These 2 ladies were wrestling w.the coffee machine while we were waiting to go back to the chemo room.  I helped them make hot chocolate.  They finished chemo before I did and as they were leaving, my fellow patient yelled over to me "BYE HAPPY LADY!"  :)  YAY!  I loved it!

Chemo #2 could not have gone smoother....YAY!  

I've totally got this...


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