Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cancer WILL NOT Impact My Goals!

I set a goal back in the Spring, which was BC (Before Cancer).  It's tomorrow.  The goal is to get back into dog agility AND debut my little Chihuahua, Keeper.  I haven't done NEARLY the amount of training that I thought I would...nor have I practiced with my veteran dogs much at all, but I am going to do the Nike thang tomorrow and ...
Just do it, even if you suck

(Wow!  Who knew this was an image out there in the universe!  LOL!  PERFECT!)

This morning I woke up feeling super fantastic, and made it to work by 7AM...but then around 10A I started feeling yuk...and by noon I was on my way home for a 2-hr nap.  That's ok though.  I made it thru the day and now I'm going to give tomorrow my best shot!  My plan is to run in 4 classes.  I don't care how we do, just so long as we run together!  There is nothing in this world that makes me as happy as I am when I'm running on an agility field with my dogs.  We'll see how the little 4" monster does...

She may flip me the bird and go pee on the dog walk...little stinker!  But it's not like her sister hasn't delayed a trial for 2 hours before because of dueling spot bots cleaning up her spray of diarrhea!  LOL!  Oh the memories I have and I'm gonna make more tomorrow!  YEE HA!  

I've totally got this...


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