Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Green Light for Chemo #2

I passed all tests today so got the green light for Chemo #2!  WOO HOO!

It was a super fantastic appointment because not only did I pass the blood test, but Dr. Kritz agrees with my belief that...


Poor thing...she doesn't stand a chance.... 

I stopped off at Publix to fill an Rx on the way home.  My favorite pharmacist told me that her Dad got diagnosed w/Prostate cancer *YESTERDAY*.  She had just seen him over the weekend then he got the call on Monday.  :(  

She said, "I immediately thought about you when he told me.  I told him he's TOTALLY GOT THIS!"  

Ok, *THAT* made me shed a few tears!  :)  

They caught his early so his prognosis is good.  CANCER SUCKS...and it sure does NOT discriminate in any shape or form.  


I've totally got this...


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