Wednesday, September 21, 2016


TOTALLY ROCKED DAY 1 of 2 for CHEMO #2!    

My Lead Warrior sent me the most PERFECT video for the day!  

Shooting Bertha down w/each chemo!  

Chris was my nurse again.  She said "HI BUBBA!" to me as soon as I walked into the lobby!
LOVE THAT!  They had the same chair reserved for me too, which was AWESOME!  

They gave me Benadryl for allergic reaction, Tylenol, Zofran for nausea, Decadron steroid to make the Zofran more effective.  I then "marinated" for 30 minutes.

10:30A Started the Rituxan.  Only took 90 minutes to administer this time!  WOO HOO!!  And no side effects.  The Red Baron ROCKS!

12:00P Started administration of the Bendeka, finished by 12:10P.  BOOM!  DONE!

I'm applying some of my lessons learned from the first chemo:
1.  Did NOT keep the line in to my port.  I don't feel a thing when they stick me so that baby came OUT!  
2.  Took some Senecot S tonight so have no problems with keeping my plumbing going.
3.  Am eating healthier foods tonight so, hopefully, I won't gain 3 pounds at tomorrow's weigh in.
4.  Am drinking A LOT and just chillin'.  

Saran Wrap over my port to keep the lidocaine on.

Chris hooking me up!

Buh Bye Bertha!

I've totally got this...


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