Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My New Hug

Tomorrow is a significant day.  I'm about to enter my first low nadir period (will explain what this is in a second).  That means I need to come up with a new way to hug because the traditional type is now too risky for me.  My immune system is about to go hugging is out. :(  There are some other things I need to watch out for too...but I'll save those for another post. 

I discussed the hugging situation with my posse and we came up with an alternate plan.  I suggested a fist bump but that would include my hands.  NOT GOOD.  My hands are the A#1 part of my body to keep cleanest.  SOOOOO, we came up with another idea:  an elbow bump.  It's just like a fist bump, but elbow to elbow.  I think it'll work!  Just a quick "bump" to connect with everybody who is taking such super fantastic care of me....and we'll just have to hold the "real hugging" for the celebratory remission party that will be early in 2017. :)  

Ok, now back to what Nadir's the best explanation I found....

What is Nadir?

Chemotherapy treatment will usually involve a number of chemotherapy doses (sometimes called cycles). The period of time beginning 7–12 days after you finish each chemotherapy dose—and possibly lasting up to one week—is when you have the fewest white blood cells in your body. Because of this, it will be extra hard for your body to fight off germs during this time.

This period of time is sometimes referred to as nadir, which means “lowest point”. For example, I had chemotherapy on August 25, so I am at the highest risk of picking up an infection between 

September 1 - 6

This period varies slightly depending upon the chemotherapy drug, or combination of drugs, used.

What Can You Do During Your Nadir?
- Be extra careful during this time.
- Take your temperature 2X/day, and call your doctor if you have a temperature of 100.5ºF 
  or higher for more than 1 hour, or a one-time temperature of 101ºF or higher. 
  (Yea, they told me this one at Chemo College.  If my temp rises, I'm to go straight to the ER 
   and do not collect $200.  Let's hope that doesn't happen.)

I've totally got this...


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