Tuesday, August 16, 2016

BARD Power Port

I didn't do a lot of Googling before my surgeries...thought it better to just go with the flow.  I'm glad I took that path because I've been VERY pleasantly surprised by the port!  It's not NEARLY as bad as I thought it was going to be!  It's all under my skin so nothing shows!  Yes, it bulges out a little bit, but in time I don't think it will be noticeable at all!  And it's PURPLE under there!  In the shape of a triangle!  COOL!!

It's called a Power Port, and it is going to help ease the stress of needle sticks tremendously!  It can be used for blood draws, CT scan contrast, and, of course, filling me up with all sorts of chemotherapy cocktails.  It's going to play a VERY important role in my survival.  I am VERY bad w/needles...passed out cold when I tried to give blood once....so this is a real blessing!  

I have to wear an id bracelet that lets people know I have one of these installed and also carry id cards in my wallet.  

My mom didn't take this route.  I'm REALLY glad that I didn't follow in her footsteps for this part. :)

In Recovery 1, nurse Carla gave me a drink and some crackers.  I was happily eating away when all of a sudden she pulls the paper towel off my lap w/the crackers on them, folds them up, and silently puts them in her pocket.  I turned to her and gave her a "what the?" look.  She whispers in my ear...."I wasn't supposed to give you anything to eat or drink until they took an x-ray of your port...but you're doing so good that I forgot about that.  I know it's going to be just fine."  LOL!  The x-ray went fine and shortly after I was wheeled into Recovery 2.  Carla hands nurse Nia my crackers and Nia just looks at her.  Carla says "well, you know, I had to wait to give her those because of the x-ray!"...and I said to Nia "Yea, Carla took REALLY good care of me in Recovery 1!"...and we looked at each other and giggled.  

I loved that all this happened because there I was having fun with the nurses vs. laying there in pain. :)

I've totally got this...

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Marjie Danckert said...

Let me know if you need company, something done, a ride somewhere if you can't drive, etc. I'm not a great cook but I can pick something up on the way over.

Marjie (another Unknown)