Thursday, August 18, 2016

Care giving is NOT for sissies!

I lied.
It IS for I'm totally honest about it, it is for just one sissy…MY SISSY..….so maybe I should have used a different word, like “faint-hearted”.  
Yea, that works….
Care giving is not for the faint-hearted!
Ok, that sounds better.
Now what was my point?!? .......oh yea!
So, being a care giver is TOUGH.  
I've been there, done that MANY times so I'm speaking from experience.  
You are constantly on pins and needles hoping that you're doing absolutely ALL that you can do to make your loved one comfortable but you never quite feel up to snuff.
It's a bit like riding a roller coaster because you go to doctor appointments or procedures or whatever the moment has presented to you, and you have NO freakin' idea what is about to happen, but you just go with the flow anyway because that's just what caregivers do.  
You hold on for dear life and hope for the best.
It's also VERY frustrating to try to figure out how much do you need to help...or does the person want space...did you ask too many questions...are you remembering everything that needs to be done...are you watching out for all the things the doctors warned you about....what time is the next dose of medicine.....AGH!
It's hard.
Really hard.
And *THEEEEEEEEEENNNNN*, just when you think you've got it all under control....a big ass, gargantuan 8-legged MONSTER of a spider invades your space!
This really happened on Saturday.
I was less than 24 hours out of surgery and we had ourselves a situation.
So, what do you think my posse did to get control of the situation?
      a.  Both ran in different directions, their butts puckering, screaming like little girls.
      b.  One grabbed a shoe that was nearby and squished the beast immediately.
      c.  We called Moose to come take care of the situation.
      d.  We left the house immediately in hopes that he would not be there when we got back.

Ok, before you pick your answer, a little more detail:
1.  I was in severe pain, taking meds exactly on schedule, even cheating a little bit because I could barely move.
2.  The spider, in some people's eyes, was this big:

Have you picked your answer yet?
Ok, one more hint....
Know now?

If you picked "a", you are exactly right.  
Sissy and Monster scattered like a dandelion on a windy day!
*I* had to grab the shoe, bend over, and smash the little beast.
 Luckily, my caregivers made sure I was medicated so I didn't feel a thing!  LOL!
And honestly, the spider was only about as big as your hand....

I will tell you though....other than this little incident, I give my caregivers an A++.  I have not once worried about not remembering something.  I wholeheartedly know that they've got my back.  And I am not going to hold anything back, because I learned with my mom, it doesn't help anybody if you're not completely transparent and honest about absolutely EVERYTHING.

Tomorrow we have Chemo College, where we learn about the next phase of this journey.  
And as I go to sleep tonight, I have ZERO worries.
With all the vibes and prayers and positive thoughts coming my way....

I've totally got this...



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Kathy Hancock said...

I love this story - hehehe- the visual I have of that scene makes me giggle!!!! I hate spiders too- so I totally get it!!!!