Saturday, August 6, 2016

Current Status

As of this minute, I know I have Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma but we are not done diagnosing it yet.
As far as pain, NONE.  ZERO.  NADDA.
Energy, TONS.
Do I feel like I have Cancer raging thru my body, NO.

1.  I have a big mother of a tumor in my left abdomen (15cm X 11cm).
     This is the biggest concern.  It's what Dr. Gizzie found.
     Next Friday, 8/12, Dr. Kim will perform a laparoscopic biopsy to take out a big "chunk"
          for pathology to look at.
     He will install my chemotherapy port as well.  TWO (procedures) FOR ONE (anesthesia)!  I love it!
     I've named this tumor "Big Bertha".
     And I named her because it is easier to express my feelings about something with a name.
     End of story.

2.  PetScan is scheduled for Wednesday, 8/10.
     This will establish a baseline for everywhere in my body that there is active disease.
     From the CT Scan, it's in my abdomen (both sides), pelvis, back, and liver.
3.  Next appointment with Dr. Kritz is Wednesday, 8/17.
     I assume this is when I'll find out staging, type, and treatment plan.

I've totally got this...


Laura said...

You forgot 2b. PetScan - Your dogs will give you a PetScan with all their nuzzles and kisses and licks!

Bubba said...

EXCELLENT point! 2b PetScanned is actually one of my favorite activities!! LOL! ✌️