Thursday, August 25, 2016

Chemo #1 of 6 DONE. End of story.

Today was short and sweet.  One hour from start to finish.  Hooked me up, took some pills, marinated, started the chemo, finished the chemo, done.  BOOM!

I gained 3 pounds from yesterday so am retaining a TON of water.  I think it's because my body is used to being active and yesterday we were so NOT active.  Plus, yes, we gorged on celebratory pizza when we got home...probably not the best choice but I would do it again in a heartbeat!  It was SOOOO comforting.  Anyway, lesson learned.

Bailey, Kelly and I took a 3 mile hike at my favorite park tonight, I feel that good!  It's amazing.  We saw butterflies, turtles, birds, trees, clouds, dirt, am I ever thankful for every single little thing now!  :)  I always was in a way...but now it's even more magnified.  Life is good!

We did have one little glitch today...just to keep us on the edge of chaos.  As Bailey and I were juuuuuuust about to leave the house, my "No One FIGHTS Alone" bag took a kamikaze leap off the kitchen island, the water bottle exploded and drowned my purse!  We both saw it happening and were frozen in was hysterical!  All is fine, I have 1400 spare purses just laying around, so I picked one, repacked the necessities, Bailey refilled the water bottle, and we were on our way again.   GOOD GRIEF!

Here's another picture of the flowers I got from work yesterday.  I absolutely LOVE them!  I put my nose down to them, breathe in, think of all the people pulling for me, and breathe out feeling MUCH stronger.  I totally, absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, have GOT THIS!

Little secret:  My family has always had this thing about flipping each other the bird.  We decided today that I'm to send a text to my sister every morning and every night to let her know I'm still alive and breathing....the text will be the emoticon for a bird.  I'll save the full story for another time, but this picture just cracks me up because my niece claims that she didn't realize my peace sign was covered by a flower....but in reality when I look at it, she turned my peace sign into a bird!!  LOL!  Priceless!  

I've totally got this...


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Dayle said...

Love your positive attitude and brave spirit! Bertha is on the run! You are da bomb! �� ��