Saturday, August 6, 2016

My Team of Doctors

I could not have wished for a better team of doctors.  I trust them with my life:

1.  Paula Gizzie, MD
     Associates in Women's Healthcare, OB-GYN
     My angel who found this because she pays attention to detail! ❤️

2.  Meredith F. Barbour, MD
     Duke Healthcare, PCP, I would not have survived earlier this year without this angel.
     She goes WAAAAAY ABOVE and beyond for me.
     She even calls me on Sunday to check to see how I'm doing.
     I know if I ever need her, day or night, during this battle, she will be there for me. ❤️

3.  Edward Kim, MD
     REX Surgical Associates, Surgeon who will do my laparoscopic biopsy and port.
     He calls me personally.  I love that.  ❤️

4.  Satish Mathan, MD
     Vascular and Interventional Radiologist, performed needle biopsy like a ROCK STAR!
     I didn't feel a thing!   ❤️

5.  Alan Kritz, MD
     REX Hematology Oncology Associates.  Dr. Kritz was my Mom's oncologist.
     It does NOT get any better than this guy.
     I chose him because I trust him wholeheartedly with my life.
     The fact that he is a super fantastic dude is icing on the cake!  ❤️

I've totally got this!

This is my Mom, Dr. Kritz, and I in 2006:


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