Monday, August 29, 2016

Side Effects are starting to creep in....

It's a given....when you get chemo there are side effects.
Plain and simple.
But are they worth it?

Today I went back to work.  It was not smooth sailing, but it felt great to be surrounded by my peeps again.

The 2 biggest side effects that I'm feeling so far is fatigue and hunger (to the point of nausea).  

The fatigue is weird.  One minute I'll be a-ok.  Then all of a sudden the bottom drops out and I can't stop yawning.  I feel like I need to crawl into a ball on the floor and close my eyes for just 3 minutes!  Sigh.  Eating seems to help...and drinking something other than water.  And it's not that I feel like that the entire comes in I'll just need to seize the moment when the tide/energy level is high!

At Chemo College (CC) we learned that I would need to "graze"....meaning frequent small meals/snacks.  Yup.  Right on.  Many small snacks during the day is doing the trick.  I'll be eating and then all of a sudden I'll be completely full.  I might even have my next bite in my hand, ready to swallow, but when I'm full, I'm full.  Then about 15 minutes later I'll be ravenous.  It's a vicious cycle.  I'm trying not to totally overdose on junk....but Peanut M&M's SUUUUUUUUURE did do the trick this afternoon ;)  And I've become a soup lover too.  Soup helps with the nausea.  I'll figure out some "go to" snacks and then make sure to keep my cube and house well stocked.

So far it's been pretty simple to distract myself from these miserable feelings.  Today I got a super fantastic magnet from an anonymous angel....
It could not be more perfect!  I kept reading it and smiling to myself....especially #1.  And as a bonus there was a Snoopy Sticker on the back!  In this sticker...I am Woodstock, and everybody reading this blog and sending me thoughts is Snoopy.  ❤️❤️❤️

Tonight when I got home, I distracted myself by breathing in close to the flowers that I got from my Laughing Buddy over the weekend.....then breathing out....and feeling stronger knowing I'm so cared for..... 

Yea, the side effects suck.  No doubt about it.  But I've got lots to be thankful the pain sort of forces me to think about all the good in my life.  And let me tell you, there is a LOT of good going on right now!!  There are angels everywhere!  And they know I love tie dye!

I've totally got this...


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