Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Chemo Shirts are READY!

My energy level hasn't been the greatest, but I did manage to pick up my chemo shirts today from my dude at the flea market.  WOW!  He *EXCEEDED* my expectations!  They have V necks for easy port access.  Some even have hearts on the back (he said he figured out how to do that about half way thru finishing them).  And he even attempted "lime green". ❤️!  

I can't imagine sitting in that chemo chair in anything other than tie dye.  It's my favorite.  It always makes me happy.  It's how I roll! 

When I got out my purse to pay him....he just shook his head and said "get outta here".  ;)  I started crying and he put his arm around me and said "Is your nickname really Bubba?" LOL!  I said "Yep."  Then he said "Get outta here Bubba, you're going to beat this."...and he patted my back as I walked away and put my wallet back in my purse.

I've totally got this...



By The Seashore said...

Awwww there are amazing people out there. So sweet of him. Andrew starts chemo next Wednesday. You guys got this. Xoxo love your new shirts!

By The Seashore said...

I need some of those for Andrew

Bubba Wilson said...

Yes u do!! They are at the flea market under the trees by the first building on the left when u go in the main entrance. He has LOTS of men's shirts. Andrew will ROCK chemo!