Saturday, August 20, 2016

Chemo College

I learned something at Chemo College yesterday that has made my entire YEAR!!!  Here I thought of burning my 2016 calendar once this year is finally over, but now....NO WAY!  I am.....oh my gosh I can hardly type this....I am.....I'm.....sniff!....sniff!....happy...happy.... I am

Somewhere along the way, I GREW AN INCH!  HOLY COW!  This is HUGE!  GARGANTUAN!  THE BIGGEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME SINCE I GOT MY DRIVER'S LICENCE WHEN I WAS 16!  All these years I thought I was only 5' tall.  I could have told Pat Benetar that we are BOTH 5'1" when I met her a few years ago!  OMGosh...every little thing is going to be alright!

They had to measure me *exactly* and get my exact weight yesterday so when they mix my chemo, it is specific to ME.  I had no idea that this would be SOOO SUPER FANTASTIC!

I wish they had a Chemo College when my mom was diagnosed.  It was AWESOME.  We reviewed all of my drugs and their potential side effects.  We talked about things I need to be aware of, numbers to call, etc.  It was VERY, VERY informative.   It was a bit overwhelming at times...but not as overwhelming if I hadn't already been down this road with my mom.

The biggest issue is going to be my immune system.  It will be non-existent.  I am going to have to be extremely careful not to come into contact with any germs.  I am starting a regimen of antibiotics next week, and will continue to take them 2 months *after* I finish 6 months of chemo.  I'm also allergic to about 10 antibiotics already, so hopefully the ones I start taking on Monday will be compatible with my body.

Besides infection, I also have to watch out for blood clots.  My mom had one of these, so I'll be keeping a close eye out for them.  There is a list of other things too...but as long as I stay aware of how I'm feeling, I'll be fine.  I don't need to be of the mindset, "Oh, I can just take a nap and I'll probably start to feel better later".  Nope.  If something changes, I need to call my Cancer Center.  And for some of the changes that might happen, I'll need to call 911.

I'm going to make myself a new "In Case of Emergency" card.  It's now gotten a LOT more complicated.  But conquerable.  Definitely conquerable and manageable.  

Tomorrow I'm going to put my pills into one of those little daily dispenser things so I don't have to think about what to take each morning and night.  This will just become part of my Sunday "get ready for the week" routine.  I can do that.

The countdown to chemo has started. 
I'm ready.
I'm definitely ready to get this party started!

I've totally got this...



Laura said...

Congratulations on your Chemo degree, and for magically growing an inch!!

Melissa Yarbrough said...


Marjie Danckert said...

Sigh! Now you're taller than me. I may have to get my height checked again on my next physical.

On another note, it looks like you've learned a lot - and you're ready to tackle Big Bertha.