Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hooked on NETFLIX/Recovery going great!

I am now officially hooked on NETFLIX!  Bailey hooked me up on Friday with NETFLIX and I  it!  WOW!

Oh yea, and recovery is going good too.  ;)

The surgeries on Friday couldn't have gone any smoother.  My sister, niece and I arrived at REX around 9:30A.  Surgery started at 12:30P.  I think I was out of surgery by around 2 - 2:30P.  Recovery 1 w/nurse Carla, then Recovery 2 w/nurse Nia, then we were outta there by around 4:30P.  They told me beforehand that if I needed any kind of pain med whatsoever, to let them know.  One of the main goals of recovery is to keep the patient comfortable.  On a scale of 1 - 10, I rated my pain as a 2 the entire time.  I could tell something had happened to my belly and left chest, but it didn't really hurt.  YAY!

When I was getting wheeled out of Recovery 2 on the way to the car, nurse Nia was standing behind a desk.  When she looked at me and smiled from ear to ear, I could tell that I had totally ROCKED the day.  It was a look that said to me "Wow!  You-weren't-a-difficult-patient-at-all!  YOU-DID-GREAT! You-are-going-to-be-fine!".  It brought to mind that quote about "one kind word can change someone's entire day"...well, her smile did exactly that.  It told me all that I needed to know.  

As I was getting wheeled out by a NASCAR driver-wannabe, I let the wind blow thru my hair (yes, he was, literally, walking that fast thru the hospital) and was completely at peace.  Diagnosis and port DONE!  I made it.  :)  

Recovery has had it's rough moments.  Getting your stomach pumped full of CO2 and having general anesthesia has it's impact on the body.  I also have 3 incisions in my belly and one on my left chest for the port.  They bruised up pretty nice on Saturday but today they all look pretty good.  The pain has been pretty substantial so I've been having to take the drugs on schedule.  Bailey spent the night Friday and Saturday and was quite the caregiver.  My sister came over a lot too, they did great.  Saturday we stayed up until 1A to take my pills, then up at 5A for next dose, then 9A for next dose, etc.  Today I've been able to go longer than 4 hours between doses, FINALLY!

The other part that sucks is your plumbing stops working.  That's all slowly starting to work again - YEE HA!

I also couldn't sleep the until Sunday, which was so weird because I felt so tired.  I think it was because of the pain.  Today I slept a LOT, so I definitely feel like the worst is behind me.

I hope this is the last surgery that I have to have on this journey.  With Lymphoma you shrink it vs. remove it with surgery.  It was a necessary evil and now it's behind me!  YAY!

I could not have survived these past few days w.out all the super fabulous support from everybody!  WOW!  I can feel all the prayers/vibes/good thoughts that are being sent my way and it's giving me strength.  Honestly.  It is.  And my posse is ROCKING the caregiving!  ..well....except for one little incident....which I'll get to in another post.  

I've totally got this...


Kathy Hancock said...

So glad everything went well and that part is behind you!! Praying you heal up well. When do you get your treatment plan?

Bubba Wilson said...

Meet with Oncologist on Wednesday! Hoping he'll have received all the test results and we'll be able to come up with a treatment plan then :)

Bubba Wilson said...

CRAP Lisa! I think I deleted your comment instead of replying to it! LOL! I guess I am still learning about this blogging stuff! Anyway, THANK YOU for your support! I couldn't get thru this without you....and Snoopy ;)

Anonymous said...

Not sure why I am 'unknown'!
I wrote - you are such an inspiration! SO Strong!! LOVE YOU!
call 919-451-9574 if you need me!!!!