Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Naming your tumor must be a thing

So, found out last Friday that I'm not the only one to name her tumor.  Apparently "Fred" was removed before I got there on Friday.  And my nurses' son used to have a mole on his neck that he became quite attached to (literally).  She had to trick him into getting "Moley" removed.  

I had NO idea that this was a "thing".  Naming your tumor.  Huh!  My prep nurse said, "Just imagine, later today a big chunk of Big Bertha will join Fred down in pathology.  And before them came Moley."  That was a perfect visual to have going into surgery.  :) 

I asked Dr. Kim to take pictures of Big Bertha so I could see what my enemy looks like.  He did a great job and took quite a few, including one of the big chunk he took off of her for further pathology.  I won't gross you out by posting them here, but if you want to see her, let me know.  I will tell you this...she's big, she's in a place that she doesn't need to be, and BIG BERTHA NEEDS TO GO!  

I'm sort of thankful to her, in a tiny way.  If it wasn't for Big Bertha, God knows how long Cancer would have had a chance to grow in my body w.out my knowing....so for that I'm thankful to her.  But now that we know what we're dealing with, she is not welcome in my body anymore!  My hope is that Dr. Kritz will tell us tomorrow what the treatment plan is for getting her 

I've totally got this...


Nadeen Sakowski said...

I love it ..bye bye Big Bertha (by the way Big Bertha was the name given to a German howitzer in WWI and is also the name of a Callaway Golf Club). This Big Bertha seems like it needs to be a gone Bertha ...

Diane B, Tebow, Bentley & Ollie said...

Glad you did the port! I didn't have one and all the blood draws and chemo needle sticks were awful. I usually ended up being stuck more than once and a butterfly kids needle had to be used. I hope to never have to go through that again but if I did I would ASK for a port. You handled all the surgeries well. You go girl.