Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I ROCKED the Pet Scan, literally :)

Thank goodness for a cool set of Pet Scanners at REX today who let me listen to an 80's mix on Pandora during my procedure today!  WOO HOO!  It went something like this:

1.  Sweet Dreams - SERIOUSLY?!  I immediately thought of that video of the couple who sang to the gas pump.  I LOVE THEM!  Totally forgot about being in a tube and probably glowing like the Great Pumpkin on Halloween on the inside.
2.  I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (Cutting Crew) - This brought me back to the days of cruising around the Pizza Hut, then to the Sonic, back to the Pizza Hut, to the get the picture.  We did this for hours and hours every Friday and Saturday night.  How was that so much fun? 
3.  Jessie's Girl - Unbelievable.  My facebook memory from 2013 is that I adopted MY Jesse Girl 10 years ago today.  I still miss her every day...but such sweet memories of her still fill my head.  ❤  
...Pet Scan?  What Pet Scan?  My mind is filled w/nothing but goodness right now :)
4.  Billy Jean - Ok.  Little tough.  I feel like doing the moon walk and suddenly reality hits that I need to be completely still! EEEEK!!!  ...ok, think of Michael's outfit...the glove...the shoes...the socks...the hairdo....his super fantastic voice....the total shock when he did the moon walk!  A VERY, VERY happy memory.     
5.  Toto's song Africa - nice smooooooth rhythm....I get that warm feeling inside and suddenly remember every single word to a song that I probably haven't heard in over a decade and....
"Ma'am!  YOU ARE DONE!"
What the?!
I was just getting settled in ;)
And it was over just like that!  

I could not feel a single thing when the nurse injected me with the radioactive tracer.
She let me listen to my little red iPOD while I waited for the cancer to feast on the tracer.
Nice :)  I my iPOD.  
My stomach growled a few times which made me grin to myself (remember, I'm being as still as possible so I didn't actually let the sides of my mouth move) because I thought...that's it cancer up that stuff that tastes like sugar!  ....GOBBLE IT UP BIG BERTHA! (this was an awesome visual!)  ....soon....VERY SOON, you will be on the run because I wholeheartedly trust Dr. Kritz to come up with a plan to DESTROY you!

TMI:  When I got home I *REALLY* had to pee.  This is what happened!  WOW!  That's some super fantastic radioactivity going on!  I really WAS lit up like a Christmas tree!

....ROFL!  Just kidding!  I'm sorry.  I absolutely could NOT resist!  This is actually a candle in my toilet.  Imagine me cracking myself up in the dark in my bathroom while all my dogs were on the other side of the door wondering "what the heck are we missing?!?".  Yes, a certain someone close to me fell for this when I sent it to her in an IM :)  SOOOO WORTH having to throw the candle out after this!  Ha!

I’ve totally got this!!

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