Saturday, August 6, 2016

Why the blog?

I'm 52 years old and up until this point, have pretty much fended for myself.  I love, love, LOVE to help others, would do absolutely *ANYTHING* for a person in need, but when it comes to accepting put it bluntly, I SUCK AT IT.
Until now.
This is too big.  WAAAAAAAY TOO BIG.
This is serious. 
I won't be able to do this alone.
I already know that.
My niece, Bailey, sister, Kelly, and BFF, Jackie, went with me to my first Oncologist appointment.  My posse.  My rocks.  I ❤️'d having them there.
But I will need more help.
More than I can even imagine right now.
So that's why I'm doing a blog.
To keep all of my family and friends updated. 
The support I've already gotten on facebook, thru the mail, email, and delivered to my house has been phenomenal.  I can actually feel the thoughts and prayers from everybody and it's giving me the strength I need to get thru the moment.
With all of your help, it'll be IMPOSSIBLE for Cancer to win!
I've totally got this!
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Kathy Hancock said...

Blogging your journey is a great idea!!! We want you to know we love you and will help in any way we can! When the journey gets difficult or overwhelming- feel the love of your family and friends holding you up!! We are praying for you- strength for the journey!!! Kathy &Cooper

Unknown said...

Great idea to blog. I know all too well how hard it is to ask for help or even give ideas about how people can help you. So start making you a list (e.g. vacuum, grocery store, dinner brought to you, laundry, play with the dogs, etc etc) so you won't have to think about it on the spot. Post a list of what you like to eat as well as what you don't like. You will need to eat and there will be days you just won't feel like doing anything about it. Then a week ahead of time you can post I need a meal Mon, wed, thur or whatever days you need. Having meals brought to me really helped a lot!

Diane B, Tebow, Bentley & Ollie said...

Unknown is Diane B., Tebow, Bently & Ollie ;)

Joy Avery said...


Bubba said...

YAY! Long time no see! Thank you! :)